15. December 2015

Segway Tours

Graz total – 2 hours

shapeimage_2-2-191x300There is no need to choose which of all the lovely places or themes to visit in a city that’s beautiful enough to be listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site!

Our most exciting tours „Graz total-2 hrs“ and “Graz total-3 hrs” cover it all! We take you along a carefully chosen scenic route through the historically unique old city, across the river Mur, around Castle Hill and out into the elegant living quarter of the Belle Epoque.  You will learn about hidden and hardly visited places not even known by our local guests.

Bookings taken at all times!

maximum: 7 guests per tour

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A Ladies’ Day Out – a very special treat

shapeimage_3-2-191x300There are certain occasions where ladies just want to spend time together!  And how unique and fun it would be to go on a relaxing Segway tour (after you have been provided with a little light culinary refreshment) taking in the vibe of the city, passing through the designer hot spots and the historically unique cultural sights, on both sides of the river Mur.

This tour is designed to treat body, soul and mind alike. Why not take the opportunity to see and hear about the latest trends happening in the city and learn about many interesting tips from a female perspective?

Bookings taken at all times, preferably on quiet Sundays and Bank Holidays!

Recommended Length: 3,5 hrs
includes a tea/coffee break with cake
maximum: 7 guests per tour

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