City Tours

The Classic – Historic City Walk

Most popular Tour in Graz!

Graz acquired its historical setting whilst serving as imshapeimage_1-191x300perial residence of the Habsburg dynasty: numerous mediterranean arcaded courtyards inviting you to linger, romantic alleys leading to the unexpected and a unique and splendid architectural legacy from the imperial days (culminating in the UNESCO World Heritage Title in 1999) all await your visit!

The twentieth century saw the transformation of historic Graz into a city with bold contemporary architecture – an exciting and stark contrast of old and new providing a striking backdrop for this “UNESCO City of Design”,  “City of Human Rights” and the “Culinary Capital City of Austria”.

Price: up to 2 hours – 140 Euros (without Schlossberg mountain)

Recommended Length: 2 hours
Maximum 25 guests

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This tour can be ideally extended with a visit to the Schlossberg or Eggenberg Palace.

Report by the Austrian Broadcasting Service ORF (German): “Graz von seiner schönsten Seite”

Schlossberg Special – from Fortress to Green Oasis

shapeimage_2-191x300“He who does not climb the mountain cannot look into the distance“
(far Eastern proverb)

According to legend, the Schlossberg mountain was the devil´s own creation and as part of its colourful history went from being the site of a princely castle to that of an imposing fortress and later of a forbidding state prison.  Today it constitutes the green heart of a thriving mediterranean city. This romantic location is an enchanting place for old and young alike to discover.

Different ways to reach the top of the mountain (some easier than others) lead to splendid vistas, gruesome dungeons, a clock and a bell tower, elegant park surroundings and to various well situated restaurants with wonderful views and culinary delights.

Price: up to 2 hours – 140 Euros
Recommended length: up to 2 hours
Maximum 25 people

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Graz – UNESCO City of Design

shapeimage_3-191x300Things are moving and shaking in the fastest growing city in Austria!

Aside from the historic cultural heritage, there is also a young and vibrant creative mood that permeates the city.

Graz´s design scene is bright and bold:  it boasts spectacular architecture, a fashion  designer who has made her mark on the international fashion industry, weird and wonderful art, creative gastronomical excellence in a city that is the “Culinary Capital of Austria”, as well as many “must see” novelties and shopping possibilities for all types of budgets.

Recommended length: up to 2 hours
Maximum 25 People

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